I favour an honest and trustworthy relationship with my clients.
During our first discussions, we shall table your issue in detail so that we can find the most appropriate approach.
A mutual agreement, faster and safer, will be systematically advised.
If a lawsuite is the only possible way, I will work with you to reach a clear and substantiated argument for better impact before the courts.
If needed, an innovative and combative argument can be established.
Depending on the issue, the road to asserting one's rights is not always smooth but I will support you throughout this process.

My areas of intervention


Labor law

You signed an employment contract with a company to work in France ?
You want to know what is the applicable law or if the French courts have jurisdiction in your detachment/expatriation?
I have 15 years of professional experience with executives working for international groups. 
Litigation law is my main area of intervention.

Propriété privée

Rental law

You have rented an accommodation in France and you are encountering difficulties?
I assist individuals who need counselling on rental law (bare lease, furnished or seasonal).

Shopping en ligne

Contract law

You entered an agreement with someone who has not fulfilled his obligations which are causing you harm?
It can be an individual, a merchant, a company, an internet platform, an e-commerce website. Some clauses that
are not favorable to a consumer are not always valid (disclaimer, penalties...).
Let's discuss it.